Swapnil Fulari

  • India

Swapnil is a fellow as part of RMI India’s fellowship programme for young and bright minds. He works with the mobility team where he is working on promoting clean and sustainable mobility solutions in cities.


Prior to RMI India, Swapnil worked as a consulting civil engineer in Pune, where he assisted in planning, designing, and supervising civil infrastructure and road projects.

He specialises in transportation modelling and his interests include analysing microscopic and macroscopic traffic models along with assessing the impact of transport on environment.

Swapnil is passionate about driving enhanced adoption of electric vehicles and decarbonising transport in India.


Master of Science in Transport Planning and Modelling, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Civil Engineering, Coventry University, United Kingdom
Diploma in Civil Engineering, MIT-WPU School of Polytechnic, India


New Delhi, India

Authored Works
electric buses lined up
Outlet Blog Post

Transforming Urban Mobility

Having grown up in Pune, I know the city like the back of my hand. Referred to as the “Oxford of the East” for its renowned educational institutions, I fondly remember many lunchbreaks standing on the sidewalk at a tapri (stall) outside my school, sipping chai and eating vada pav…

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