Mandar Patil

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Mandar is a Manager with RMI India. He is working on the transport and mobility sector of India. He is involved in  projects with a focus on clean, reliable and economically sustainable transport system for the Indian market. He is also working towards electrification of last mile delivery particularly in Delhi.


Mandar has worked in the Research and Development department of commercial vehicles in Tata Motors for 31 months. During this tenure, he optimized vehicle ride parameters and KPIs for the auto major. Mandar has extensively worked on various modelling and optimizing software such as ADAMS, MATLAB, ANSYS, Truck Sim, CREO, etc.

During his initial years, Mandar worked as a supply chain consultant with Ernst and Young.

Mandar is passionate about trekking and has won awards at his institute for his sportsmanship.


Mechanical Engineering, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, VNIT, Nagpur
Master in Business Administration, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata


Authored Works
Charging India EV
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What Cities Can Learn from Pune’s EV Readiness Plan

India’s urban mobility needs are expanding with accelerated urbanisation and growing population. The transport sector is responsible for 13.5 per cent of the country’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to traffic congestion, and worsening local air pollution that impacts public health. Transitioning to clean mobility is among the…

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Electric Vehicles May be the Answer to Rising Fuel Prices

This article was originally published in the EMobility+ magazine (page 42-43).  Over the last two months, India’s second wave of COVID-19 has brought urban areas to a standstill. The public health and socioeconomic impacts of the lockdown have been devastating for families across the country. Now, as we slowly…

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Impact of Subsidies on Electric Cars in Delhi

The Government of India has been taking various steps to drive the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in India for the past few years. However, the sales of electric cars in the country continue to be very low—only around 3,500 a year—as compared to those of conventional internal combustion engine…

Outlet Blog Post

Building a Shared, Clean and Citizen-Centric Mobility System in Bangalore

This article was co-authored by Marshall Abramczyk, Rocky Mountain Institute. Bangalore, like many cities across India, is witnessing significant growth in mobility demand driven by rapid urbanization and growing incomes. This growth is straining an already burdened transportation system, resulting in many economic and environmental issues. As India’s fifth-largest and…

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