Urban Mobility Lab

The Urban Mobility Lab is a platform that supports a replicable process to transform the way goods and people move in Indian cities by identifying, integrating, implementing, and scaling cost-effective and clean pilot projects.

What Is the Urban Mobility Lab?

The goal of the Urban Mobility Lab is to create early examples of integrated mobility solutions to inform India’s mobility transition. The lab is a platform that supports a replicable process for identifying, integrating, and implementing mobility solutions in leading geographies, which we call Lighthouse Cities. Additional cities, called Scaling Partners, will work with and learn from the Lighthouse Cities; together, these leading cities will form a peer learning network to guide and accelerate the scaling of mobility solutions nationally and globally.

Why It Matters

The mobility system is complex and made up of many different segments, and designing with the whole system in mind—for example, thinking about the intersection of public transit, shared vehicles, and non-motorized transit—will result in a solution that is more efficient and cost-effective than developing improvements for each of these segments in isolation. By testing a number of integrated pilots in a single geography, we can see how these solutions interact and build on one another, and use the learnings to establish Indian cities as world-leading examples of shared, clean, and connected mobility.

Who’s Involved

Rocky Mountain Institute is administering the Urban Mobility Lab with the support of central, state, and city governments. The Urban Mobility Lab brings together project teams, government officials, and subject matter experts to collaborate on preparing Indian cities for growth in mobility demand. RMI India has a collaborative relationship with Rocky Mountain Institute and the two entities have been working together on mobility projects.

What We Are Doing

Knowledge Building
Rocky Mountain Institute with RMI India's support is building a knowledge base of best and emerging practices in urban mobility as a resource for Indian cities.

City Analysis
RMI with active support from RMI India provides tools and analysis to inform city goal setting, decision making, and pilot project identification and implementation.

Solution Development
RMI with active support from RMI India is recruiting, engaging and supporting individual solution providers and multi-stakeholder working groups to create a portfolio of pilot projects and solutions that can address a number of the city’s priority needs and goals for their mobility systems. This process centers on Solutions Workshops—collaborative, facilitated, intensive events that bring together solution providers, government officials, and subject-matter experts to accelerate and integrate a set of interventions for implementation in the Lighthouse City.

Implementation and Scaling
After the completion of Solutions Workshops, RMI with active support from RMI India supports the implementation and integration of transformative mobility solutions in the Lighthouse City. As we support more individual cities and cohorts of cities, the lessons learned from these projects, as well as the Urban Mobility Lab process, will be documented and shared to inform policy-making efforts and pilot projects in other cities.


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