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We support India’s ambitious renewable energy and clean mobility goals by partnering with leaders in the government and the private sector on projects at the national, state, and city levels.

In India, we partner with government and private-sector entities to create a shared, clean, and connected mobility future that promises to provide Indians with affordable, efficient, and reliable transportation options to support and enhance their daily lives.


Urban Mobility Lab

The Urban Mobility Lab is a platform that supports a replicable process to transform the way goods and people move in Indian cities by identifying, integrating, implementing, and scaling cost-effective and clean pilot projects.

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Urban Freight

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Electric Buses

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Why It Matters

India has the opportunity to create equitable access to clean energy and mobility and, in doing so, deliver lasting societal and environmental benefits for generations to come. But decisive and urgent action is required to capture the opportunities at hand. The next five years are crucially important given India’s rate of economic growth and development. The transformational opportunities now on the horizon for mobility, the electricity system, and industry are significant but perishable. The range of outcomes in itself is consequential globally, and it’s likely to influence many other developing countries.

Who’s Involved

RMI India is working closely with India’s premier national policy think tank, the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), on thought leadership for clean energy and mobility transformation. We are further working with the Department of Heavy Industry on accelerating the roll out of electric buses in India under the FAME Scheme and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development on the government’s flagship smart cities initiative. We work with many additional government and industry experts to explore technologies, business models, and policies and to develop actionable steps to help India achieve an advanced mobility and energy future.

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