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Creating pathways to support integrated clean energy portfolios in Indian utilities.

NITI Aayog, RMI India, and Rocky Mountain Institute have partnered to launch the Discom Transformation Platform. The Platform is designed to demonstrate the value of integrated clean energy portfolios, scale existing examples of effective solutions, develop cutting edge pilot projects, and enable increased coordination, collaboration, and sharing of learnings across the ecosystem of power sector stakeholders.


Discoms Transformation Platform

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What is the Discom Transformation Platform?

The Discom Transformation Platform is envisioned as a highly collaborative space for stakeholders from across the power sector to participate and provide coordinated support for discoms across the country. It will engage directly with discoms to create new examples of integrated clean energy technologies, improve operational efficiency, accelerate AT&C loss reduction, and prepare for market reforms through the Lighthouse Discom Programme.

In partnership with several leading states, the Discom Transformation Platform will develop several “Lighthouse Discoms” by planning for and deploying integrated pilots that demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits achievable through clean energy portfolios.

What is the Lighthouse Discom Programme?

The Lighthouse Discom Programmme works with leading discoms in India to integrate portfolios of clean energy technologies to create enhanced value for customers, discoms, and other stakeholders. The programmme helps discoms identify, evaluate, plan, finance, and implement cost effective examples of clean energy technologies as a pathway towards increased profitability and readiness for higher penetrations of renewable generation and electric mobility.

The program provides three stages of support to Lighthouse Discoms.

  • Opportunity identification and needs assessment
  • Integrated planning and project development
  • Implementation support at various levels

Why It Matters

Financially viable discoms are essential to the future stability of India’s economy. But many discoms are currently suffering from a number of financial and infrastructure challenges. The intersection of renewable energy, energy storage, electric mobility, and demand flexibility presents an emerging opportunity for India’s discoms to integrate portfolios of clean energy technologies. If designed to work together, these portfolios can create enhanced value for customers and improve the financial performance of discoms.

Who’s Involved

RMI India works with NITI Aayog to administer the Lighthouse Discom program. The program brings together discoms, think tanks, state electricity boards, central regulatory bodies, consumers, and the private sector to prepare discoms for a future of high shares of renewable generation, rapid adoption of electric mobility, and the integration of demand-side flexibility.

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