Canola fields and solar power plant in springtime - aerial view

Weathering Climate Risks

Resilience is a system’s ability to plan and prepare for, absorb, recover from, and adapt to adverse events over time. To that extent, resilience is a complementary attribute to risk management since it uses strategies not just to mitigate, but also to adapt and learn. Climate risks with their long-term,…

One Nation, One Grid, One Price

This OpEd was originally published on PV Magazine’s site. Something remarkable is happening in the Indian power market that could revolutionize the way electricity is procured in the country. It could also signal the realization of “One Nation, One Grid, One Price” ambition, promising uniform pricing and facilitation…

Electricity Reforms in India Can Deliver Economic, Social, and Climate Benefits

“Innovations rarely occur when everyone’s happy and safe, or when the future looks bright. They happen when people are a little panicked, worried, and when the consequences of not acting quickly are too painful to bear.” – Morgan Housel The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially slowed the global economic engine, forcing…

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