Electricity Reforms in India Can Deliver Economic, Social, and Climate Benefits

“Innovations rarely occur when everyone’s happy and safe, or when the future looks bright. They happen when people are a little panicked, worried, and when the consequences of not acting quickly are too painful to bear.” – Morgan Housel The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially slowed the global economic engine, forcing…

The Road to Decarbonizing India’s Power Sector

The rapid rise of technology interventions across the computing and telecommunications space has digitised our world and transformed our personal and professional lives significantly. We are now witnessing a revolution in global energy systems built on the foundation of fossil fuels similar to the Industrial Revolution. The confluence of rising…

utility workers

Navigating through COVID-19-challenges in electricity sector

The article was co-authored by Rajnath Ram, Adviser (Energy) at NITI Aayog, Government of India. The views expressed are personal. The article was originally published on CNBC TV18. With billions now confined between their physical and virtual walls, the COVID-19 crisis has reaffirmed electricity’s irreplaceable role in modern life.

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