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RMI India’s mission is to support the realization of a clean energy and mobility future for India. Our vision for India is an energy and mobility system that is clean, affordable, and accessible.


RMI India was incorporated in 2019. We have been working with the public and private sectors to enable India’s clean energy and mobility future. Our ongoing work includes partnerships with the central government, state and city governments, utilities, industry leaders, and civil society organizations. We have a deep focus on the transportation and power sectors, which currently account for more than 50 percent of India’s carbon emissions and particulate pollution.


RMI India engages businesses, communities, institutions, and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption of market-based solutions that cost-effectively bring a shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables. We employ rigorous research, analysis, and whole-systems expertise to develop breakthrough insights. We then convene and collaborate with diverse partners—business, government, academic, nonprofit, and philanthropic—to accelerate and scale solutions.


India has the potential to leapfrog in clean energy and mobility through its ambitious policies that have gained momentum over the past years

At the national level, we offer technical support to government partners to help establish India’s clean energy and mobility pathways. Our rigorous analysis helps build commitment and confidence by quantifying the potential environmental and economic impacts of various measures.

In collaboration with subnational governments and industry partners, we work to deploy pilots and leading early examples of integrated clean energy solutions to build confidence toward further action. Lessons from pilot projects are captured and shared with decision makers.

RMI India is a trusted partner across boardrooms and government corridors to accelerate India’s progress on the electric vehicle policy, energy storage, and clean mobility pilots.

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